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New injection molding machine
New injection molding machine

In the process of processing various plastics by using an injection molding machine , it is necessary to heat the granular or powdery plastic raw material in the cylinder to a molten state, and then inject the molten plastic raw material into the closed mold, so the material of the injection molding machine The cylinder is usually equipped with a heating system, which is one of the main power consumption systems on the injection molding machine.

At present, the injection molding machine mainly uses three large barrel heating energy-saving systems, including electromagnetic heating, infrared heating, and energy-saving ring. The electromagnetic heating energy-saving technical solution is applied to the barrel heating of the injection molding machine, although less energy-saving effect can be obtained, but there are installation troubles, regular maintenance, product work stability and low reliability, especially strong magnetic field and strong electricity. Safety hazards and human body organs are extremely harmful, especially the human brain. Therefore, this solution is not suitable for heating and energy saving of injection molding machine barrels.

The infrared heating energy-saving technical solution can be applied to the heating of the injection molding machine barrel to obtain better energy-saving effect, but there are problems such as complicated structure, short life, lamp power attenuation and fragility, and the product price and the use cost are high, therefore, it is applicable. It is a barrel heating energy saving scheme for ordinary, custom, and other occasions.