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Energy-saving injection molding machine
Energy-saving injection molding machine

Changlin undertakes the custom production of various types of energy-saving injection molding machines. In addition to energy saving, the efficiency of the injection molding machine has always been our research problem. Due to the long working time of the injection molding machine, the internal machinery and equipment of the injection molding machine are very damaged. Serious, this reduces the life of the machine, which not only increases production costs but also causes damage to the machine. So how can we improve the production efficiency of the injection molding machine? Let's take a comprehensive look at how to improve the efficiency of the injection molding machine.

Injection cycle: Generally, the injection cycle of a hydraulically driven injection molding machine refers to the injection molding cycle from the start of clamping to the next clamping.

The clamping is generally divided into four sections: rapid clamping, slow clamping, low pressure clamping and high pressure clamping. The injection is started after the high-pressure clamping is completed, and can also be divided into many segments. The molten plastic is filled into the cavity at the time of injection. When the cavity is filled, the pressure rises, so the end of the injection can also be called the extrusion section. If we do not control it properly, the product will produce some raw edges.

The pressure holding begins after the injection is completed. In fact, the cooling is only started after the cavity is filled, that is, it starts from the pressure holding. When the mold cools, the product shrinks due to cold air. The function of holding pressure is generally lower than the holding pressure of the injection pressure, and the depression formed by the shrinkage is filled, so that the product has no dent when demolding.

When the product is solidified through the cold runner, it does not make sense if we go to maintain pressure. At this time, the pressure can be terminated. The pressure holding of the injection molding machine can be divided into many sections. We generally divide it by time, and the holding pressure of each section will be different. Generally, the total dwell time is determined by the weight of the scale product or from the absence of dents in the product. From the beginning of the short pressure holding time adjustment, the injection molding machine will increase the holding time for each injection, until the weight of the product no longer increases, the holding time will not have to increase.