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New die casting furnace
New die casting furnace

Shenzhen Changlin energy-saving equipment specializes in the production of various die-casting furnaces , including aluminum alloy die-casting furnaces, zinc alloy die-casting furnaces, tin-alloy die-casting furnaces:

Changlin die-casting furnace adopts imported advanced heat-insulating refractory material, which reduces the heat loss on the surface of the furnace, effectively achieves energy saving and high-temperature working environment. 进口Imported graphite crucible, domestic graphite crucible and domestic cast iron crucible can be used. The furnace has the advantages of simple operation and maintenance, fast heating and low price, and is favored by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Changlin die-casting furnace performance characteristics:

1. Energy used in the furnace: electrical energy;

2, melting furnace melting capacity: 80 ~ 150kg;

3. The furnace adopts an integrated controllable burner, which is stable in use and long in life;

4. The furnace adopts the imported heat-insulating refractory material, so that the average surface temperature of the furnace is low, the heat loss is small, the life of the furnace is increased, and the energy consumption of the furnace is reduced;