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Aluminum alloy die casting furnace
Aluminum alloy die casting furnace

The aluminum alloy die-casting furnace produced by Changlin Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly aluminum alloy melting furnace. The combustion device is a device for realizing the fuel combustion process. It uses a reasonable and advanced combustion device to completely burn the fuel, and the temperature field distribution of the furnace. Energy saving is of great significance. A combustion device with excellent performance should meet the following basic requirements.

1. The die-casting furnace guarantees complete combustion of the fuel under the specified thermal load conditions, ensuring safety and meeting environmental protection requirements.

2. Die-casting furnace has a certain adjustment range, the combustion process should be stable, and the combustion air with higher temperature can be used.

3. The direction, shape and speed of the flame of the die-casting furnace meet the requirements of various furnace types and heating processes.

Changlin Company has continuously absorbed the experience of foreign die-casting furnaces and developed a series of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving die-casting furnaces. The company's product customers are exported to Southeast Asia market. After being used by many well-known enterprises, the company has achieved remarkable results and obtained market consensus. Praise. Welcome customers and friends to visit our company!