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Energy-saving melting zinc furnace
Energy-saving melting zinc furnace

Changlin energy-saving equipment specializing in the production of energy-saving molten zinc furnace , product energy-saving, environmentally friendly, durable, please rest assured to choose.

The galvanized furnace baffle damper is one of the louver type flue gas baffle series, which adopts a double seal structure of mechanical seal and compressed air seal to ensure 100% sealing effect. The baffle damper is made on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology and absorbing the experience of designing and operating the same type of products in China.

The galvanized furnace baffle damper is mainly used in the flue gas duct system, and is used for completely cutting off the medium. It has full opening and 100% full closing function, flexible operation and reliable operation. After closing, it can ensure no medium leakage into the flue gas baffle. Inside the pipe. For ordinary media, carbon steel materials can be used, and for corrosive media, nickel-based alloy materials are used.