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Energy-saving melting tin furnace
Energy-saving melting tin furnace

The energy-saving melting tin furnace of Shenzhen Changlin Energy-saving Equipment Co., Ltd. has three types of electric heating type, electromagnetic type and fuel type. The most common type is electric heating type. The heating method is heated by heating wire, which is mainly used for leaded and lead-free solder and tin alloy. Smelting. The melting furnace is composed of a melt, a stirring device, a fume hood and an electrical control system.

The outer layer of the molten tin furnace is a steel plate welded structure, and the inner layer tin pot is made of 304 stainless steel.

In the molten iron furnace stirring device, after the tin and the added material are completely melted, in order to uniformly mix the additive with the tin, the liquid in the solder pot needs to be stirred. The stirring device consists of a motor, a stirring paddle and a stirring shaft.

The smog furnace exhaust hood is a steel structure welded piece, which is fixed above the tin pot, has a doorway on the side, is used for feeding and casting operations, and has a venting hole at the top for connecting the smoking exhaust system.

Furnace furnace features:

1. The speed of the stirring slurry is controlled by frequency conversion, and the speed is adjustable, which can meet the technical requirements of different materials.

2. The electrical control system can automatically control the temperature of each group. After the set temperature is reached, the insulation is automatically performed.

3. Changlin's products have the advantages of sensitive temperature response, energy saving and environmental protection, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable use.