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Regenerative gas melting and holding furnace
Regenerative gas melting and holding furnace

Changlin regenerative gas melting and holding furnace is a new type of gas industrial furnace with independent national high-tech patent developed by our company.

Regenerative combustion technology is currently the most advanced combustion technology and combustion control technology in the world, also known as high temperature air combustion technology, the full name is: high temperature and low oxygen air combustion technology.

(High Temperature and Low Oxygen Air Combustion-HTL OAC), also known as HTAC (High Temperature Air Combustion) technology, also known as Flameless Combustion. Compared with conventional combustion technology, regenerative combustion technology can save up to 40-50%. It is internationally known as the "revolution of combustion technology."

Principle of regenerative combustion technology:

When the ambient temperature air is switched from the reversing valve into the regenerator, it is heated while passing through the regenerator (ceramic ball or honeycomb body, etc.), and the air is heated to near the furnace temperature in a very short time (generally lower than the furnace temperature) 50-100 ° C), after the hot air enters the furnace, the gas in the surrounding furnace is drawn to form a thin oxygen-poor high-temperature air stream with oxygen content of less than 21%, and fuel (fuel or gas) is injected near the thin high-temperature air. In this way, the fuel is burned in an oxygen-poor (2-20%) state; at the same time, the flue gas in the furnace is discharged into the atmosphere through another regenerator, and the high-temperature hot flue gas in the furnace passes through the regenerator. The sensible heat is transferred to the regenerator and then removed through a reversing valve with a low temperature flue gas of 150-200 °C. The reversing valve with low working temperature is switched at a certain frequency, so that the two need to be hot-lifted in the working state of alternating heat storage and heat release, and the commonly used switching period is 30-200 seconds.

Main features of Changlin regenerative gas melting and holding furnace:

1. According to the high-temperature air combustion technology, the heat energy exchange device for the heat recovery of the chimney is configured, the high-temperature air is used for combustion, the flame temperature is high, and the heating rate is fast.

2. Adopt brand split burner combustion system, automatic sweeping and ignition, temperature control switch melting/insulation, flame detection and furnace protection, stable combustion performance.

3. Applying frequency conversion technology to control the flame retardant air volume, more intelligent and more energy-saving, the energy consumption of high-pressure fan is more than 40%.

4. The exhaust gas temperature is less than 200 degrees, the energy consumption per ton of aluminum alloy is low, and the energy saving is over 30%.

5. The furnace is made of polycrystalline refractory insulation material. The surface of the furnace body is made of high-efficiency heat-insulating nano-coating. The surface of the furnace body is about 50 °C, the heat preservation effect is remarkable, and the heat energy loss is extremely small.