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Energy-saving injection molding machine has broad prospects

Shenzhen Changlin energy-saving equipment has always insisted on independent research and development, products are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, efficient and practical. Since the establishment of the company, the products have been continuously upgraded, and the products are more and more trusted by customers. We have been walking in the field of energy-saving injection molding machine products. front.

Two-thirds of China's power plants are thermal power generation, which consumes 300-450 grams of coal per kWh of electricity produced. In 2020, according to energy conversion, China needs 3.3 billion tons of coal, new energy can replace 800 million tons of coal, and the gap is 1.2 billion tons of coal. Therefore, energy conservation is of great significance.

The working cycle of injection molding machine is generally divided into several stages, such as clamping, injection, pressure keeping, melting, cooling, mold opening and reclaiming. The demand for flow and pressure is different in each stage. At each stage, the demand for flow and pressure in the rubber injection stage is often large, while the demand for flow and pressure in the cooling phase is small, that is, the load changes drastically in one working cycle.

Before the frequency conversion of the quantitative pump type injection molding machine, the displacement of the oil pump is basically unchanged in each working cycle. When the load is small, the actual required flow is small, and the excess flow flows through the overflow valve, and the energy loss is huge. After the variable-frequency power-saving transformation of the quantitative pump type injection molding machine, the flow rate of the oil pump changes with the load during each working cycle, and the overflow loss is basically eliminated, thereby saving a large amount of electric energy.