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Advantages of electrothermal tin melting furnace compared with traditional tin furnace

With the country's vigorous promotion of green energy cleaning, most of the current tin melting furnace manufacturers have replaced traditional fuel-type energy-enhancing furnaces with electric-type melting tin furnaces . Shenzhen Changlin Energy-saving Company has earlier introduced various furnaces of the company. The equipment is replaced with cleaner and more energy-efficient electrical energy. The advantages of the electric melting furnace compared to the traditional melting furnace are as follows:

1. Heat evenly

Because the traditional fuel melting tin furnace is heated by diesel oil, the heating temperature is higher near the center of the fire mouth, and the heating is slower away from the fire mouth, resulting in uneven heating, but the electric heating melting furnace is full of heat. The silk is laid according to the width of the tin pot, and it can be made evenly heated.

2, green environmental protection

In the heating process, fuel is used as energy source, which generates a large amount of smoke, which has a certain impact on the environment and is more harmful to the operation work, and this phenomenon does not occur in electric heating;

3. Low carbon energy saving

Diesel is a resource, sometimes it is scarce. At the same time, diesel can't be completely burned, and the power is wasteful. For the enterprise, the rising oil price has placed an additional burden on the enterprise. The cost of using electricity is much cheaper than fuel, and at the same time Energy saving.