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Method for confirming the power of aluminum melting furnace

Shenzhen Changlin Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in the design and manufacture of long-life electrothermal alloy furnaces ( melting furnaces , melting furnaces, melting furnaces), injection molding machine heating coils, experimental furnaces, tubular furnaces, ovens (fiber furnaces, muffle furnaces). , platinum, etc.) manufacturers.

The high-intermediate frequency induction heating equipment resistance furnace power is related to the furnace structure and working principle of the heating furnace, the use temperature and heat exchange method, the heating data type and technical process requirements, as well as the input and discharge methods and the amount of furnace loading. There are two methods for planning accounting power: experience method and theoretical method. The method of accounting is simple, but it has limited limitations and is only suitable for heating furnaces of certain stereotypes. For planners with practical experience, using a highly targeted experiential nuclear algorithm can quickly and accurately determine the power string, but when the formula selection is inappropriate, the accounting results are more error.

The theoretical method is to use the heat balance method to calculate the power. Simply put, the heat supplied by the electric heating element should be equal to the sum of the various heats consumed by the heating furnace in the heating process, and then determine the power of the heating furnace. Because the theoretical method considers various factors affecting power, it has a universal meaning for determining the heating power, and the comparison of results is firmly determined. The heat balance kernel algorithm can also assist planners in analyzing the various factors that influence the power of the furnace. For some special stoves, or planners lack practical experience, use the heat balance kernel algorithm to compare insurance. However, there are many factors that need to be considered in accounting, and the accounting procedures are cumbersome. In the accounting, many parameters and heat accounting methods are touched. If the selection is not appropriate, large errors will be formed.

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