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Shenzhen custom aluminum melting furnace steps

Shenzhen custom aluminum melting furnace to find Shenzhen Changlin Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of various types of furnace for more than ten years, there are fixed production plants and professional production workers as well as professional installation and commissioning post-service team, reliable quality, affordable, get Hundreds of customers' approval and support. Let's explain the steps of our custom aluminum melting furnace .

1. Communication needs

Customization is different from the standard product. The standard product is what kind of function the machine can smelt. If the standard product can't meet the customer's special requirements, then it is necessary to make customized production, so communication is very important. , we will determine the customer's request, and then write into the contract to determine the interests of the client.

2. Design drawings

According to the customer's requirements, our quality personnel, and the designer will communicate together, and design the effect drawings, the customer according to the designer's renderings to see if it meets their own requirements.

3. Confirmation plan

After the customer receives the design renderings, if they feel satisfied, they will carry out the production process. If they feel that some places need to be modified, they will arrange for the designers to communicate together until the customer signs the confirmation letter.

4. Custom production

According to the renderings, the construction can be entrusted to the construction master of our factory at this stage. Your company can also dispatch relevant technical personnel to supervise the factory.

5. Quality inspection

After the aluminum melting furnace product is produced, it will be tested by Party A. It will be tested by the start-up to check whether the performance is working according to the contract according to the demand, and timely feedback and timely debugging.

6. On-time delivery

After the product inspection contract, the delivery department will start express or express to Party A.

7. Installation and commissioning

Changlin Energy Saving Company can provide corresponding installation and commissioning services to ensure that the products can be installed correctly and in order.

8. After sales service

In addition to providing after-sales technical guidance during normal working days, the company can provide a faster emergency contact mechanism in case of emergency.

Changlin melting aluminum furnace quality first, mutual benefit, welcome manufacturers to come to the factory to inquire,