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How to solve the error of the aluminum alloy temperature control meter

One of the most important indicators of high-quality aluminum melting furnace equipment is the complete control of temperature. If the temperature control meter of aluminum melting furnace will cause errors for some reasons, Changlin Company can tell you how to solve this problem. You can follow the steps below. get on:

1. Turn on the device heating switch, the temperature controller is normally displayed, the lower row SV is the set temperature, and the upper row PV is the actual temperature displayed.

2. Set the temperature adjustment: press the “SET” button of the tin furnace electric control box, the lower row temperature will flash, then press the “<” button="" to="" move="" the="" digits,="" ten="" and="" hundred="" digits="" left="" and="" right,="" and="" press="" “∧”="" and="" “∨”="" to="" increase="" and="" decrease="" the="" number,="" after="" setting="" the="" required="" temperature,="" then="" press="" the="" “set”="" button="" to="" save="" the="" settings="" and="" exit.="" if="" you="" do="" not="" press="" a="" few="" seconds,="" it="" will="" be="" saved="">

3. Correct the temperature deviation method: long press the “SET” button for about three seconds, it will enter another screen, press the “SET” button continuously until “Pb” appears, then move the cursor to the corresponding position, then press “∧” The "and" keys change the value. For example, when the temperature displayed by the furnace temperature control table is 300 ° C and the actual measured temperature is 298 ° C, the “Pb” value can be set to -002; if the actual measured temperature is 302 ° C, the “Pb” value can be set. It is 0002 °C. This makes it clear that the temperature is wrong.

The above is the solution. If you can't solve it, you can call the technical service hotline of the equipment manufacturer. Our Changlin company provides technical support for everyone free of charge.