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Precautions when using high temperature aluminum melting furnace

Shenzhen Changlin Energy Saving Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of furnace equipment. Among them, high temperature aluminum melting furnace is one of our key products. High temperature aluminum melting furnace needs to pay attention to the following matters:

1. Place the furnace on a flat floor or concrete platform. It is best to place the asbestos board on the base of the furnace to prevent the table top from being heated too high. The controller should avoid vibration, and the placement position should not be too close to the electric furnace to prevent overheating and the electronic components from working properly. Asbestos board prevents the countertop from being heated too high.

2. According to the rated voltage of the high temperature furnace, it is equipped with plugs, sockets and fuses with appropriate power. The furnace shell and the controller casing are connected to the ground wire, and a thick rubber plate is placed on the ground in front of the high temperature furnace to avoid danger and ensure safety. Note: The thermocouple should be inserted into the center of the furnace, and the gap between the hole and the thermocouple should be filled with asbestos rope. It is best to connect the thermocouple and the controller with a compensation wire (or insulated copper core wire), and pay attention to the positive and negative poles.

3. When the high temperature furnace is used for the first time or after being deactivated for a long time, it must be pre-fired. Different types of high temperature furnaces have different oven times. SRJX-4-13 box type high temperature furnace oven time: room temperature ~ 200 ° C 1h, 200 ~ 500 ° C 2h, 500 ~ 800 ° C 3h, 800 ~ 1200 ° C 2h, SRJX-12-9 box type high temperature furnace drying The furnace time is: room temperature ~ 200 ° C 4h, 200 ~ 600 ° C 4h. The furnace temperature must not exceed the rated temperature when in use.

4. When burning or melting the sample in a high temperature furnace, the sample must be placed in a high temperature resistant porcelain crucible or porcelain dish, and the operating conditions must be strictly controlled to prevent the sample from splashing and corroding due to excessive temperature. And bonding the furnace. Place an asbestos board at the bottom of the furnace and promptly clear the slag, metal oxides or other impurities on the asbestos board to protect the furnace from smoothness.

5. The silicon carbon rod used in the high temperature box type resistance furnace is naturally aging during use, and can be adjusted to the highest level step by step. If the heat quantity is insufficient (that is, the power does not reach the rated value), the new silicon carbon rod should be replaced.

6. When placing enamel, truss and other items into the furnace, do not touch the thermocouple, because the hot junction of the thermocouple that protrudes into the furnace is easily broken at high temperatures.

7. When the burning is completed, the power should be cut off immediately, but the furnace door cannot be opened immediately to avoid the furnace being broken due to sudden cold. Generally, a small slit is opened first, so that the temperature of the furnace is quickly lowered, and then the furnace door is opened, and the object to be burned is taken out with a pliers.

8. It is necessary to adopt a method of gradually increasing the voltage to raise the temperature, and the furnace temperature must not exceed the maximum temperature to avoid burning the electric heating element. Always look after the use process to prevent accidents such as blown wire due to self-control failure. After use, cut off the power and close the furnace door to prevent the furnace from being eroded by moisture.

9. Reduce the proximity of inflammable and explosive materials. These things should not be placed around the high temperature furnace, nor can they burn explosives in the furnace.