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Classification and function of aluminum alloy die-casting furnace

Shenzhen Changlin Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. provides various types of die-casting furnaces. The classification and functions of aluminum alloy die-casting furnaces produced by us are as follows:

1. Function: The aluminum alloy electric furnace is used for aging heat treatment after solid solution treatment of aluminum alloy castings, and is used for eliminating special equipment for preheating aluminum alloy materials after initial processing. The purpose is to reduce the stress concentration of aluminum alloy materials and reduce the deformation of aluminum alloy materials. The rated temperature is 600 °C.

2, furnace lining; the use of full fiber structure, improve furnace insulation performance, save energy and reduce production costs;

3, the circulation device; the aluminum alloy electric furnace is provided with a hot air circulation device to improve the uniformity of the furnace temperature; he can make the hot air flowing from the top to the bottom of the furnace and pass through the heating elements on the four side guide channels, and then through the top guide The flow sleeve is collected into the axial flow fan to continuously circulate the hot air in the furnace.

4, the furnace door; the furnace door is side-opening, single-opening or double-opening is easy to operate;

5. Loading trolley; aluminum alloy electric furnace is equipped with charging trolley, and the loading and unloading operation of the workpiece is convenient;

6, the control system; using the PID program segment temperature control instrument temperature control, can automatically control the heating rate of the electric furnace;

7. Safety system; aluminum alloy electric furnace is equipped with interlocking protection device to prevent malfunctions and accidents caused by misoperation;

8. The heating element adopts “U” type electric heating tube. The heating tube installation is installed vertically from the top of the furnace body in the air duct of the furnace.