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Tin furnace use precautions

Shenzhen Changlin energy-saving equipment professional melting tin furnace manufacturer, please pay attention to the following when using our melting furnace:

1. The machine must be energized when it is safely grounded and the power supply voltage is correct.

2. It is strictly forbidden to add various liquids in the tin bath;

3. During the working process of the machine, the temperature of the outer casing of the machine is high, so do not touch it to avoid burns;

4. In case of power failure, please cut off the power supply to avoid sudden high voltage burning of the electric heating tube;

5, tin furnace temperature should not be adjusted too high, too high temperature will lead to solder aging, but also the life of the tin furnace;

6. The residual oxide collected during the welding process can be subjected to secondary reduction treatment;

7. The machine should not be used in harsh environments such as humidity, flammability, corrosiveness and high dust;

8. The external thermal melting furnace is to rub the tin strip against the hot body part during the first use to prevent dry burning.

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