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What kind of auxiliary materials should be used together with the solder wire extruder?

In the newly purchased solder wire extruder, it is usually necessary to purchase some auxiliary materials together. This is like buying a car and then providing insurance and refueling, preparing lubricants, and even buying cushions, foot pads, etc. Auxiliary materials. Therefore, the newly purchased solder wire extruder requires the manufacturer to purchase the following accessories at the same time:

1. Six anti-vibration pads, mainly for protecting the machine and the ground;

2, 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil (this product is best to choose Mobil or Shell brand products);

3. One fused rosin container and 10P air compressor;

4, 4 points plastic gas pipe and 4 points galvanized water pipe;

5, 32# heat transfer oil;

6. Manual oil pumping is used to inject hydraulic oil into the oil cylinder;

7. A number of engine oils used for warranty purposes;

These auxiliary materials are usually sold in Changlin professional aluminum melting furnace equipment company. If you need to buy it yourself, you must follow the instructions of the manufacturer. In order to avoid the wrong model.