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How is the aluminum melting furnace energy-saving?

As the national environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, whether the product is energy-saving has become one of the indicators of a good or bad product, then if the aluminum melting furnace is more energy-efficient?

First, use thermal test

The aluminum alloy furnace energy saving must have a scientific measurement and comparison test method, and the currently accepted test method is the heat balance test. Through the thermal measurement of the molten aluminum furnace, comprehensively understand the thermal process of the molten aluminum furnace, analyze and diagnose the "condition" of the heating furnace, find out its "cause", and carry out energy-saving technical transformation to further improve the thermal efficiency of the heating furnace. Improve, reduce the unit consumption, and obtain the parameters of the economic and technical performance indicators of the furnace operation, analyze the operation of the furnace, adjust the furnace condition in time, let it reach the best state of operation, and find an effective way to save energy. And direction.

Second, the structure of the furnace type and the material of the furnace

When designing or improving the aluminum melting furnace, the new energy-saving furnace should be selected according to the requirements of its production process. Choose a suitable furnace structure to improve mechanization and energy efficiency. The current energy saving measures commonly used are:

1. The circular furnace replaces the box-shaped furnace, which can enhance the uniform heat transfer effect of the furnace on the workpiece, reduce the heat dissipation of the furnace wall, and form a heat exchange system for heat exchange between the heating element, the lining and the workpiece.

2. Install a fan in the furnace to enhance the convective heat transfer in the furnace. Especially for small heating furnaces, high-speed airflow can destroy the stagnation on the surface of the workpiece to hinder heat transfer and the boundary layer of the interface reaction furnace gas, which can shorten the heating time and accelerate the temperature of the workpiece.

3. Sealing the furnace body, including the sealing of each lead-out member, furnace shell, furnace door, etc. in the furnace. If the furnace body is not tightly sealed, it will cause fire and fire everywhere, resulting in a large amount of energy waste, equipment burnout, and harsh environment. Therefore, the furnace seal directly affects the quality and energy consumption of the workpiece, and the seal is also controlled by the atmosphere inside the furnace. The essential.

4. The heating furnace integrally casted with refractory castable has the advantages of high strength, integrity, good air tightness and long service life.

5. Use new materials to optimize the lining structure. Under the premise of ensuring the structural strength and heat resistance of the furnace, the furnace lining should maximize the insulation capacity and reduce the heat of storage. Simply relying on increasing the thickness of the lining to reduce the temperature of the outer wall of the furnace not only increases the heat and cost of the lining, but also reduces the effective utilization of the area of ​​the bottom. Refractory fiber, rock wool, etc. are selected as the heat insulation layer, and light brick is used as the inner lining of the furnace body to reduce the heat storage loss of the furnace body, enhance the heat insulation of the furnace, and reduce the heat loss of the furnace wall.

6. Coating high-temperature and high-radiation coatings, strengthening the radiation heat transfer in the furnace, and contributing to the full utilization of thermal energy. The energy-saving effect is 3% to 5%, which is a relatively advanced energy-saving method in the near future.

Third, the combustion device and combustion technology

1. The combustion device is the heart of the furnace, and its work directly affects the amount of energy consumption. At present, the burners successfully applied in the aluminum melting furnace in China include: flame-control burner, flat-flame burner, high-speed nozzle, self-heating burner, low-nitrogen oxide burner, etc., and recently developed into a regenerative burner. A variety of advanced burners are available to accommodate the use of gas and diesel. Proper use of high-efficiency advanced burners can generally save more than 5%. Among them, flat flame burners, high-speed burners and self-heating burners are widely used. The flat flame burner is most suitable for use on a heating furnace. The high-speed burner is suitable for various heat treatment furnaces and heating furnaces. The self-heating burner is a combustion device that combines a burner, a heat exchanger and a smoke exhaust device. It is suitable for various melting aluminum furnaces such as heating, melting and heat treatment.

2, combustion technology: high temperature air combustion technology, oxyfuel combustion technology, heavy oil water emulsification technology, blast furnace oxygen-rich powder coal technology, ordinary kiln fuel before the furnace into the furnace magnetization treatment technology. These technologies have achieved certain energy-saving effects in the application of aluminum melting furnaces. Among them, high temperature air combustion technology and oxyfuel combustion technology are widely used.

Fourth, recycling waste heat reuse

The heat taken away by the flue gas accounts for 30% to 70% of the total heat supply of the fuel furnace. The full recovery of the waste heat of the flue gas is another way to save energy. Usually, the waste heat utilization route is:

1. Install a preheater to preheat the combustion air and fuel with flue gas.

2. Install a waste heat boiler to produce hot water or steam for production or daily use.

3. Use flue gas as a heat source for the low temperature furnace or to preheat the cold workpiece or charge.

5. Thermal inspection and control

At present, the energy consumption of China's aluminum melting furnace is large, and the waste is serious. The problem of excessive air excess coefficient is widespread. This is mainly due to the backwardness of the adjustment means, the labor intensity of the workers is large, and it is difficult to guarantee the ideal combustion conditions. Therefore, improving the level of thermal testing and control has great potential for energy saving.

The use of advanced automatic control technology, especially the use of microcomputer control system, has become the development direction of automatic control of aluminum melting furnace. By setting up an automatic control system, energy savings can be achieved with timely and precise coordination and control of each relevant system. Such as the quantitative control of the main process variables of the furnace, the cascade control of the furnace temperature and fuel flow, the ratio control of the fuel to the combustion air, and the oxygen content control of the flue gas.

6. Conduct energy management and control

In addition to tapping potential from equipment and technology, aluminum melting furnace energy saving can also be done from energy management. From the three aspects of organization, production and operation, we will strengthen energy management. Efficiently organize production, strengthen equipment maintenance, and harness the capabilities of the equipment to make the furnace run efficiently. Improve the operation level, strengthen the planning and scheduling, and check and deal with the energy waste caused by running, running, dripping and leaking during the energy use process, effectively eliminate all kinds of tangible losses.

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