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Common three types of heating circles

Ceramic heating ring

The ceramic heating ring is not made by the general mica bending method, but by the ceramic strip threading method, so the ceramic heating coil has a power 0.5 to 1.5 times higher than the ordinary one. The heating element is made by inserting a round wire into a spring-like shape and inserting into a ceramic strip. The outer cover is made of stainless steel made in Japan, and a high-temperature heat-insulating cotton (aluminum silicate fiber board) is used in the middle to prevent temperature leakage. Ceramic strips are high-frequency ceramics that have the characteristics of fast heat transfer, hard and non-breakable, high temperature, no deformation and aging.

2. Mica heating ring

The mica heating ring is made of high-quality nickel-chromium alloy heating wire, which is made of natural mica as the insulating layer. The outer layer is made of high-quality stainless steel as the conductive heating layer. The mica heating ring can be machined according to customer requirements. Into the circle, board, and a variety of shaped products.

The surface of the mica heating ring is normally in accordance with 2.5-3 watts per square centimeter. The customer should use an automatic temperature control system to maintain normal power and protect the service life of the heating ring according to the required power range.

Stainless steel mica electric heating ring performance advantages: This product is made of stainless steel and mica as raw materials, and it can be used for small size heating of the nozzle and heating on the barrel of the plastic machine. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, uniform heating, fast heat dissipation, long service life, good insulation performance and high pressure resistance.

Stainless steel mica heating ring range: widely used in injection molding machines, extruders and other plastic molding machinery.

3. Cast aluminum heating ring

Cast aluminum heating coils can be divided into die casting and casting casting. In the case of many specifications and sizes, the casting process is generally used. In the casting production, a high-purity aluminum block is used, which is changed from a solid state to a liquid state by a high-temperature furnace, and then injected into a mold in which a heating pipe has been installed, and then cooled and formed, and then finished.

The normal thickness of the cast aluminum heating ring is 20mm and 25mm. The inner wall of the 25mm wall thickness is designed with a concave and convex air channel structure. The purpose is to prevent the internal heating tube from being overheated during use. For example, when the temperature is high, the inner wall can be used. Wind or water cooling is used to quickly reach the standard temperature. At the same time, the heating coil basically adopts splitting the circular halves into two semi-circular shapes, and then fixing them by fixing bolts.

The temperature measuring hole is mainly used for the occasion where the temperature signal needs to be collected, and the arc surface of the cast aluminum heating ring is usually opened according to the design size thereof for mounting the thermocouple.