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Industrial electric furnace selection criteria

At present, the use of industrial electric furnaces is becoming more and more popular, and how to choose among many industrial electric furnaces? The answer is definitely yes. Any product selection has a standard method. Changlin energy-saving equipment summarizes the following points on the way according to production and use, for the reference of customers:

1. The outer shape, size, weight and material of the processed product parts.

2. Processing product parts heat treatment process requirements and technical requirements

3. Auxiliary materials and energy supply required for heat treatment

4. The output and labor of processed product parts.

5. Relationship and connection with the process before and after.

6. Special requirements and conditions of the project location and the company.

7. Modern management requirements for automation, mechanization and modern logistics of enterprises and workshops.

8. Labor safety and environmental protection requirements of the workshop.

9. Investment and operating costs of various gas heat treatment furnace equipment.

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