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Energy-saving melting aluminum furnace chooses Changlin equipment company

Shenzhen Changlin Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of energy-saving melting aluminum furnaces . Our company has gained a good reputation in the market after a series of research and development and efforts for more than ten years. At the same time, Changlin products have their own unique advantages.

1. Energy-saving: Changlin Company follows the energy-saving requirements advocated by the state. After the efforts of the R&D personnel of the company, our aluminum-melting furnace has already had the effect of energy saving. We have streamlined the mode and working methods of the products and put the multi-step work on Do it in one step.

2, environmental protection: Changlin company follows the environmental protection requirements advocated by the state, has basically not used gas as a heat source, to clean the environment without pollution.

3, the quality is reliable and guaranteed: the steel plate of Changlin's equipment is made of Q235A, Q235B, the international seamless steel pipe material is 20, GB3087, GB8163 production materials and manufacturing processes are strictly in accordance with national standards. . The tested indicators also met the national standards.

4, pressureless operation is safe and reliable: Changlin environmental protection boiler structure is very compact and the floor space is not large. The temperature is safe and reliable. The boiler is arranged separately, with high capital investment, large floor space, poor adaptability of coal type and complicated operation. The output of the boiler is easily affected by the gas generation speed, and there are problems such as heat loss during the gas transportation process and blockage of the coal tar.

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