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The role of water glass in aluminum melting furnace

From design to production, the aluminum melting furnace should not only consider refractory castables, but also consider the relevant operation steps such as bricklaying, mat insulation, etc. Today, Changlin molten aluminum furnace introduces the water used in the bricklaying process. glass.

Water glass is a kind of liquid glue, also a kind of water-soluble alkali metal silicate, also known as saponin. Its chemical formula is R2O.nSiO2.Mh2O.R2O refers to alkali metal oxides, such as Na2O, K2O, LiO; n refers to the number of moles of SiO2; m refers to the number of moles of H2O contained. Such alkali metal silicates are hydrolyzed in water to form a sol. The sol has good cementation properties and is therefore widely used as an inorganic material binder in the industry, and is widely used as a binder in the refractory industry.

Water glass needs timely high temperature treatment after the construction of the aluminum melting furnace. If it is cold in the winter, it usually rises and affects the final quality of the product.

The classification and modulus of water glass, according to the type of alkali in alkali metal silicate, water glass can be divided into sodium silicate water glass, potassium silicate water glass, lithium silicate water glass, quaternary ammonium silicate water glass and Potassium sodium silicate water glass. However, except for the large amount of application of sodium silicate water glass, the amount of water glass used in other varieties is very small.

Sodium silicate water glass can be classified according to the molar ratio of SiO2 to Na2O (the ratio is called water glass modulus M): the ratio M is not less than 3, which is called neutral water glass; the M is less than 3.0, called alkaline. Water glass, but this is just a customary name. In fact, both neutral and alkaline water glass are alkaline (pH = 11~12).