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Shenzhen Changlin energy-saving heating ring

I. Feasibility analysis report of direct heating energy-saving heating coil

At present, the injection molding machine mainly uses three large barrel heating energy-saving systems, including electromagnetic heating, infrared heating, and energy-saving ring. The electromagnetic heating energy-saving technical solution is applied to the barrel heating of the injection molding machine, although less energy-saving effect can be obtained, but there are installation troubles, regular maintenance, product work stability and low reliability, especially strong magnetic field and strong electricity. Safety hazards and human body organs are extremely harmful, especially the human brain. Therefore, this solution is not suitable for heating and energy saving of injection molding machine barrels.

The infrared heating energy-saving technical solution can be applied to the heating of the injection molding machine barrel to obtain better energy-saving effect, but there are problems such as complicated structure, short life, lamp power attenuation and fragility, and the product price and the use cost are high, therefore, it is applicable. It is a barrel heating energy saving scheme for ordinary, custom, and other occasions.

2. The main advantages of Changlin's energy-saving renovation are reflected in:

Insulation Materials

The company uses the latest ultra-light polycrystalline high-temperature refractory material, which is Al2O3-SiO2 composite crystal material, the maximum operating temperature can reach 1700 °C, with high thermal insulation, high thermal insulation, low heat capacity, greatly reduced Power consumption is an ultra-energy-saving lining. Polycrystalline insulating materials are widely used in high-temperature lining insulation materials in high-end fields such as metallurgy, petrochemical and aerospace. After using the new direct-heating energy-saving heating ring, the surface temperature of the original machine barrel is reduced from about 170 °C to about 60 °C, which greatly reduces the indoor temperature and reduces the risk of burns to employees, thus effectively achieving energy saving and emission reduction. Employees provide a healthier, more comfortable and safer working environment. The life of the heating element is long [more than 5 times that of ordinary heating parts (our patented product)]

3. Comparison of energy saving between new energy-saving heating coils and ordinary heating coils:

New energy-saving heating ring Energy saving: 40-60%

Far infrared heating ring Energy saving: 30-35%

Electromagnetic heating ring Energy saving: 25-30%

Effect: After energy-saving renovation, energy saving is over 40%. Extend working life.


Changlin Company mainly produces new environmental protection and energy-saving injection molding machine metal melting furnace, injection molding machine energy-saving heating ring kit (customized products) and so on. Welcome field visits and negotiations.