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Know the working process of the aluminum melting furnace

The aluminum melting furnace is a heating furnace equipment which melts aluminum material into liquid and assists in the forming of metal die casting equipment. The aluminum melting furnace is a process in which an aluminum alloy ingot is placed in a crucible melting chamber, and after the electric resistance of the aluminum alloy melting furnace is energized to generate heat, the melting furnace transfers heat to the aluminum ingot through the four sides and the bottom. Because the aluminum alloy is less in contact with foreign substances during the process of melting into liquid, its chemical composition is less affected by the furnace atmosphere, the purity of the aluminum alloy liquid is relatively high, and the melting temperature control is relatively uniform. At present, the metal die-casting enterprises have been widely used. The alloy material is melted using such a melting furnace.

The soup of the aluminum melting furnace is generally made of graphite crucible. Its main raw material is crystalline natural graphite, because it still retains the original physical properties of graphite, so graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. Graphite crucibles are available in three types: ordinary graphite crucible, special graphite crucible, and high purity graphite crucible. These three kinds of graphite crucibles, due to different performance, function and use environment, the raw materials, production process and product model specifications will be different, customers can choose their own products according to their own materials.

The aluminum melting furnace has a simple structure, low investment and quick effect. Widely used in small and medium-sized non-ferrous alloy processing and foundry. Shenzhen Changlin energy-saving equipment specializes in the production of various molten aluminum furnaces, melting tin furnaces and melting zinc furnaces. Welcome customers to visit our factory.