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Changlin new energy-saving heating ring

"Qingshan Green Water is Jinshan Yinshan" This is Chairman Xi’s speech stressing the importance of the environment. Shenzhen Changlin Energy Conservation responded to the national call and has been working hard to save all the products of the company as much as possible. Our energy-saving heating ring has also been obtained. The market is widely recognized. At present, there are two main types of heating coils: electromagnetic heating and infrared heating. Below we will give a brief introduction to these two products.

1. Electromagnetic energy-saving heating ring

The principle of electromagnetic heating is to generate an alternating magnetic field through the components of the electronic circuit board. When the upper surface is placed on the iron-containing container, the surface of the container has an alternating magnetic field of force and an alternating current (ie, eddy current) is generated at the metal portion at the bottom of the container. The eddy current causes the iron atoms at the bottom of the container to move at a high speed and irregularly, and the atoms collide with each other and rub to generate heat energy, thereby heating the articles. Because the iron container itself is hot, all thermal conversion rates are particularly high, up to 95%. The advanced nature of the technical principle guarantees the energy-saving effect of the electromagnetic heating method. At present, the energy-saving transformation of the electromagnetic heating coil is widely used in plastic injection machines, extruders, blown film machines, wire drawing machines, plastic films, pipes, wires and other machines and foods. Processing, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, light industry, machinery, surface heat treatment and welding, boilers, water heaters and other industries can replace traditional energy sources.

2. Infrared energy-saving heating ring

This product adopts the new infrared heating element, the electrothermal conversion efficiency is up to 99.8% or more; the infrared unidirectional radiation conduction mode greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency between the heating element and the barrel; The coefficient is as low as 0.013w/mK, ensuring that the surface temperature of the electric heating ring is not higher than 70 °C. The third-generation anti-heat radiation surface coating can ensure the surface temperature is as low as 50 °C, thus improving the low heat transfer efficiency of the traditional heating ring. The fatal shortcomings of low heat and high surface temperature, which are low and high, can not only achieve energy saving of more than 30%, but also improve the working environment of the workshop.

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