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Precautions when using a new furnace

Shenzhen Changlin Company provides a variety of energy-saving melting tin furnace custom production business. In industrial production, whether it is tin wire or tin bar, tin melting furnace is an indispensable process. A new tin melting furnace should be noted as follows when it is first put into production:

1. It is well known that the inside of the furnace of the melting tin furnace is made of refractory bricks and high temperature resistant cement and then covered with a layer of thermal insulation cotton. When it is just put into use for heating and heating, there will be a small layer of water bead outside the furnace wall. This is the residual moisture of the high temperature resistant cement after it is built. Therefore, the new tin furnace should be used as an oven just after use. And the steps can be found in the product manual of the new product.

2. Check all electrical circuits to prevent short circuits.

3. Install the exhaust ventilation system.

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