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Main features of Changlin heating ring

The heating ring in Shenzhen is made of stainless steel and iron. The mica with high insulation and fire resistance is wound around the heating wire. The ends of the electric heating wire have a good insulating refractory layer, which is first made into a flat plate and then mechanically twisted. Due to the reasonable price of stainless steel products, the heating ring of injection molding machines has always been favored by users.

Injection molding machine heating ring performance advantages: This product is made of stainless steel and mica as raw materials, and it is not limited by the size of the production. It can be used for small size heating of the nozzle and heating on the barrel of the plastic machine. The heating ring of the injection molding machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, uniform heating, fast heat dissipation, long service life, good insulation performance and high pressure resistance.

Heating ring range: widely used in plastic molding machines such as injection molding machines and extruders.

Main features of the heating ring:

[product name]: heating ring

[Input voltage]: Normal 220V, or custom 36V ~ 380V according to customer requirements;

[Main material]: stainless steel, mica film;

[heating temperature]: <350 °="">

[Product Power]: In principle, it is customized according to customer requirements, but it cannot exceed the carrying capacity;

[production size]: size is not limited;

[Wiring method]: terminal, tile jade, can be customized according to customer requirements;

[Applications]: plastic machine, betting machine, pulling machine, etc.

[Features]: Durable, low price and wide application range.