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Market prospects of tin alloy die casting furnace

In 2017, all walks of life faced more difficulties. How to develop new markets, how to transform and upgrade and improve product quality are the major problems faced by tin alloy die-casting furnace manufacturers. Shenzhen Changlin Equipment Co., Ltd. has been striving to make enterprises become popular in the market. The company that is trusted by customers, and at the same time sorted out some of its own business ideas according to the current industry.

1. Although the importance of the foundry mold industry has been recognized by more and more people, it has not fully reached a state of saturation. Therefore, we should have confidence in the market. Although the current policy cannot be fully implemented, the strength of support can be obtained. Not enough, not enough strength. But I believe that the foundry mold industry will get better and better.

2. At present, China's foundry mold industry has a big gap in terms of concept, design, technology, technology and experience compared with the international advanced level. It is necessary to go out and understand the world's development level. We should follow the trend to advanced countries. Learn, increase the intensity of enterprise innovation, and catch up with the world's high level as soon as possible

3. At present, China's economic growth has slowed somewhat. The bosses of all enterprises should regard the current state as the new normal, and lay a solid foundation for the foundation. In the face of rising corporate costs and falling profit margins, business owners should be alert.

4. The shortage of talents, especially the lack of middle and senior talents, has become an important bottleneck in the development of the mold industry. Although the country has achieved many achievements in terms of personnel training in recent years, there is still a big gap from demand. China’s demographic dividend is declining and human resources will be tightened for a long time. Strengthening personnel training to meet needs, applying high technology, doing a good job of integration, developing informationization, standardization, and automation to reduce production and employment are all tasks before us, although some are relatively long-term goals, but Must be taken seriously.

5. SMEs have difficulty in financing, increase in receivables, tight capital, rising costs, and the continuous decline in profit margins. They are still not well resolved and are still evolving. Some provinces and cities in the south have tight energy supplies, and industrial power restrictions still exist.

There are some difficulties, and there are also ways to solve the difficulties. Shenzhen Changlin Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. works hard with everyone. The tin alloy die casting furnace will always have a bright future.