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New energy-saving heating ring

Shenzhen Changlin Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of long-life electric heating alloy furnaces and other equipment. In order to cater to the industry's innovative spirit and market customers' needs, Changlin has launched a new energy-saving heating ring product.

When processing plastics by using an injection molding machine, it is necessary to heat the granular or powdery plastic raw materials in the cylinder to a molten state, and then inject the molten plastic raw materials into the closed mold, so that the materials of the injection molding machine are generally There are often heating systems. At present, the injection molding machine mainly uses three large barrel heating energy-saving systems, including electromagnetic heating, infrared heating, and energy-saving ring. The electromagnetic heating energy-saving technical solution is applied to the injection molding machine barrel heating, although less energy-saving effect can be obtained. However, there are installation problems that require regular maintenance, and the product stability and reliability are low.

When many traditional products are not suitable for new solutions, Changlin equipment has developed a very practical new heating and energy saving ring. The technical solutions are as follows;

The new energy-saving heating ring consists of upper and lower cover, resistance wire, A+ grade quartz tube, multi-gold mullite as heat preservation, electrostatic sprayed outer casing, multiple resistance wires are connected in series, and the resistance wire is fixed on the resistance wire base and jacket A+ grade quartz tube.

working principle

1. The number of resistance wires is adjusted according to the required temperature

2. The upper cover and the lower cover have a Z-shaped step to form a closed space.

3. There is a multi-gold mullite insulation layer.

4. The internal temperature is uniform and the external temperature is almost close to room temperature.

5. The life of the heating element is long, and the equipment of Changlin is more than 5 times that of ordinary heating.