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Common two aluminum melting furnace top structures

Shenzhen Changlin Energy Saving Co., Ltd. specializes in melting aluminum furnaces , and has done a lot of large and small melting aluminum furnaces. As a long-term production of castables, Changlin has a certain say in the structure of molten aluminum furnaces. Today, Chang Lin gives everyone a voice. Introduce the top structure of the aluminum melting furnace

The top structure of the aluminum melting furnace can be divided into two types, a flat top and a kind of vault. The two have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are also controversial in the casting industry. Today we will talk about their advantages and disadvantages. First of all, the flat-top aluminum melting furnace, the structure and materials of the top are closely related. The flat-top aluminum melting furnace is often cast from castables, and the cost of pouring material is high, but the product structure of the pouring is stable and strong, not easy. Bad, lower maintenance costs later. Secondly, let's talk about the vaulted aluminum melting furnace. The vaulted aluminum melting furnace is usually made of special grade bricks to form a supply. When the height is sufficient, the fire is caused to circulate, which provides effective energy saving for the later furnace. The protection, but the structure of the brick itself is not strong enough compared to the masonry. If the process is not in place, the frequency of repairs in the later stage will be greatly improved.

Above we introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the related structure of the two aluminum melting furnaces , how specific, and the operation of the process can not be separated, we control the process, the life of the furnace itself will be greatly extended, Changlin focus on making aluminum For more than ten years, the product has been energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and durable. Welcome new and old customers to call us for inspection and consultation.