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Characteristics of fuel gas melting aluminum furnace

The fuel gas- melting aluminum furnace has the function of continuous melting, adopting the method of feeding, the preheating temperature is high, the melting speed is fast, and the holding furnace of the pool can be smelted, and is suitable for enterprises with high moderate quality of aluminum alloy, die casting machine money Independent setting, self-contained system, flexible and convenient.

The aluminum melting furnace is a combination of melting and heat preservation. It has a preheating melting zone, a heat preservation and a drawing room. It has continuous and rapid concentrated melting, heat preservation and extraction functions.

The molten pool is made of imported non-stick aluminum and does not change the composition of the aluminum alloy.

Imported automatic burners can also be used, and high-efficiency energy-saving burners with high temperature resistance can also be used.

Melting capacity of aluminum melting furnace : 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg