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6 characteristics of energy-saving aluminum melting furnace

Shenzhen Changlin Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of custom energy-saving aluminum melting furnaces . Our company's smelting aluminum furnaces mainly have the following characteristics:

1. Excellent insulation performance

The refractory material of the aluminum melting furnace is selected from the United States Mine as the whole castable, the outer insulating brick and the insulating cotton, so the heat preservation effect is remarkable.

2. Ultra low energy consumption

The melting aluminum furnace melts one ton of aluminum and only consumes 65-75 square meters of natural gas, and consumes 150-180 square meters of gas. Compared with domestic products of the same type, the energy consumption is very low; using imported temperature meter, PID control, furnace temperature stability control ≤±5°C, and the furnace wall temperature rises ≤30

3. Wide range of applications

Changlin furnace has a wide range of applications, in addition to the evaporation, concentration and crystallization of molten metal, it can also be used for the burning of solid materials, or the melting of cans, etc.

4. The masterbatch range is broad

The masterbatch of Changlin Electric Furnace can be aluminum ingot, aluminum scrap, aluminum slag, aluminum wire, cans, etc., but it is worth noting that if the masterbatch is all aluminum wire, cans and other scraps, it is necessary to cooperate with crusher and drying device. , conveying device, etc.

5. Performance is safe and stable

Changlin molten aluminum furnace uses imported graphite crucible, good thermal conductivity, no iron hyperplasia, stable performance, control system with leaking soup alarm, over temperature alarm and other functions to ensure the safety of equipment and operation.

6. Long service life

The imported graphite crucible of Changlin equipment has good thermal conductivity, safety and stability, and greatly prolongs the service life of the crucible. In the case of normal use and regular maintenance, the graphite crucible is replaced once every 7-8 months. The life of the body can be up to 5 years