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Industrial furnace general operation precautions and emergency treatment methods when leaking

In the normal production of industrial furnaces, it is necessary to pay attention to its preparation and use of maintenance procedures, while establishing operational records and repair files for the products, statistically accumulating working hours, and strengthening daily maintenance, to grasp the trend of equipment technology status, if If the fault is detected early, then the hot repair that is the nature of the accident repair can be avoided, and according to the load and working condition of the electric furnace, the repairing materials are prepared in advance and the repair process is prepared.

Industrial furnaces generally have more leakage faults during the spring and autumn seasons, and leakage faults are more likely to occur when they are idle for a long time. Changlin Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. recommends that customers take a monthly pressure increase rate (at normal temperature, close all vacuum valves, stop the vacuum system, read a number after 1Omin, and read a number after 1h, the difference between the two is pressure The value of the rate of increase), to grasp the trend of equipment leakage changes, such as vacuum equipment for a week of continuous shutdown, to run empty.

In the industrial furnace system leak detection, in addition to the use of mud paste plugging, you can also use the medical needle tube to absorb the leak point suspected by the etheric sword, observe the vacuum gauge readings. It is also possible to make a blind plate with a hole for inserting a vacuum silicon tube, and to block the vacuum line in stages to perform leak detection. The diffusion pump can be cleaned by chemical pickling.