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Correct use and maintenance of die casting furnace equipment

Changlin Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. custom processing and processing all kinds of die casting furnace equipment, the correct use and maintenance methods of die casting mold:

1. Minimize the rapid cooling of the mold and try to produce it continuously. In the cold mold state, high-speed injection is strictly prohibited.

During the die-casting process, the die-casting mold has been in the reciprocating fatigue state of heat expansion and contraction. The temperature of the mold cavity part has been changing back and forth at 160-350 degrees. The mold is quenching and hot, and the heat is constantly rising and contracting, resulting in mold fatigue. damage. When the production starts in the cold mold state, the mold temperature starts to rise from the low temperature, the temperature difference increases, the mold expands and shrinks, and the mold fatigue increases accordingly, which will accelerate the mold damage and shorten the mold life. Therefore, in the die casting production should be as continuous as possible, to minimize the rapid cooling of the mold, thereby extending the life of the mold.

2, try to reduce the injection speed, try to reduce the specific pressure and reduce the impact of the mold.

In the die casting production, the injection speed not only affects the filling speed of the die casting, but also the injection gate speed, and the injection speed is high, and the impact peak value is also increased. Therefore, the injection speed is high, the injection gate speed is fast, the scouring of the mold is intensified, the impact peak is increased, the impact force of the mold is increased, and the life of the mold is greatly reduced. Therefore, when adjusting the die-casting process, we can reduce the injection speed as much as possible while ensuring the quality of the product. It is very important to improve the life of the die and improve the economic benefits of the die-casting enterprise.

3, the mold appears in the use of the seal, aluminum skin should be cleaned in time to prevent the mold from being squeezed.

In the use of the mold, the mold will often appear to be covered, aluminum skin for various reasons, then it must be cleaned up in time, otherwise continue to produce will mold the mold. Especially in the slider part, if the slideway enters the aluminum skin, etc., the clamping force of the die casting machine is very large, and the slider will be collapsed and squeezed. Therefore, in the face of such problems, it is necessary to clean the mold in time and find out the reason for timely repair of the mold. Otherwise, if the mold is damaged before repairing, it will seriously affect the life of the mold.

4. Try to reduce the pouring temperature of aluminum liquid and improve the service life of the mold.

The casting temperature of the aluminum liquid during die casting production not only affects the quality of the casting but also the service life of the die casting mold. In general die casting, the pouring temperature of aluminum liquid is between 630 ° and 720 °. For different parts, we should choose lower when choosing the pouring temperature, which not only saves energy, but also prolongs the service life of die casting mold. Because the higher the temperature of the aluminum liquid, the greater the erosion of the mold, the larger the range of the temperature field change of the mold, the larger the thermal expansion and contraction, the greater the fatigue of the mold, and the easier it is to damage. Therefore, properly reducing the pouring temperature of the aluminum liquid is beneficial to prolong the service life of the die casting mold.

5, strengthen the maintenance of the mold, regular maintenance, regular tempering and stress treatment of the mold cavity.

Die-casting molds have been continuously produced under high pressure, high speed and high temperature, and the use conditions are relatively harsh. The mold may cause damage or troubles during use. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the maintenance of the mold, maintain the mold regularly, replace the damaged parts, replace the wearing parts, and clean the slides, the ejector holes, etc. It is to ensure the reliability of the mold during die-casting production. Extend the life of the mold.