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Shenzhen Changlin energy-saving melting aluminum furnace characteristics

The main function of the aluminum melting furnace is to melt the aluminum component material. In recent years, the aluminum melting furnace process has been greatly improved. The melting aluminum furnace of Shenzhen Changlin Company can solve the strict requirements of the alloy composition, the production is discontinuous, and the single furnace capacity. Larger requirements, and in response to national energy conservation and emission reduction targets, the products we developed reduced energy consumption, reduced burnout, and greatly improved production efficiency.

Changlin energy-saving melting aluminum furnace characteristics

1. Temperature uniform

Changlin molten aluminum furnace has uniform temperature and no local high temperature. The main reason is that our products have separated the hot components and aluminum liquid, and replaced the traditional fuel materials with the current electric energy, which greatly improved the product availability.

2. Reduce burning loss

The old generation of aluminum melting furnace, due to various reasons, caused local high temperature, local high temperature will cause the product to burn, causing unnecessary losses to the enterprise. The new furnace relies on cesium conduction heating, making the furnace temperature uniform and so expensive. Oxidation loss of elements and reduction of high temperature volatilization.

3. Increased equipment life

In the past, everyone thought that the products made in China are all products whose quality is not up to standard. However, with the increase of the strength of Chinese enterprises, the furnaces produced by our company are also working hard on the quality. The life of these devices like electric heating elements is at least More than two years. Completely solve the customer's unnecessary after-sales troubles.

Shenzhen Changlin Energy Saving Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of molten aluminum furnaces. We are always improving our product quality and technology in line with the concept of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. We welcome customers and friends to visit our factory.