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Energy-saving heating ring
Energy-saving heating ring

Changlin's new energy-saving heating ring consists of upper and lower cover, resistance wire base, resistance wire, A+ grade quartz tube and multi-gold mullite as heat preservation and electrostatic sprayed outer casing. Multiple resistance wires are connected in series with each other. The wire base is jacketed with an A+ grade quartz tube.

1. The number of resistance wires can be adjusted according to the required temperature.

2. The upper cover and the lower cover have a Z-step to form a closed space.

3. There is a multi-gold mullite insulation layer.

4. The internal temperature is uniform and the external temperature is almost close to room temperature.

5, long life of the heating element [is more than 5 times the ordinary heating parts (our patented products)]

The beneficial effect of the energy-saving heating ring utility model: it can customer service technology drawbacks, simple structure design, high energy-saving efficiency, easy installation and use, the resistance wire adopts special treatment and jacket A+ grade quartz tube, which can avoid the resistance wire in the harsh work. Oxidation and corrosion under the environment greatly improve the working life and heating efficiency of the resistance wire, and can achieve different temperature requirements in different areas of the barrel.